WARNING: You May Never Drink Soda Again

By on Jan 4, 2012 in Question Everything | 1 comment

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Sooooooo this is the story. Back in November, a gentleman from Illinois bought a can of Mountain Dew from the vending machine at work. This gentleman claims that when he opened the can of soda, he was shocked to discover a dead mouse inside of the can. Gentleman calls to complain and this results in said gentleman suing for $50,000 in damages.

Usually one would think that is the craziest part of the story…and they would be wrong.

Pespico, which is responsible for the production and distribution of Mountain Dew presented the following defense. There is no way Mr. Ball found a mouse in his can of soda because the ingredients of Mountain Dew would have dissolved into a “jelly-like” substance.

Go ahead…let that statement swoosh around in your head for a moment.

Let’s hold off the initial shock of a company saying that a product they distribute for human consumption has ingredients that can dissolve a mouse. Let’s concentrate on the fact that said company, who generates BILLIONS of dollars in annual revenue, made this PUBLIC statement in response to a lawsuit seeking $50,000 in damages.

The Shaun can confidently make the prediction that there will be one less Pepscico PR Exec by the week of the week. What do you think?

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  • Alkf

    smh… now thats news!