Some1 Needs To Inform Ms. Sasha Fierce She Lives In The Real World

By on Jan 23, 2012 in Motivating Thoughts | 0 comments

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The Shaun cannot even hate on this young lady for dropping this knowledge on Beyonce’s video “Run The World”! While The Shaun still strong believes in the “Power of The “P”, but Amber (peep her YouTube channel) delivers some very nice points in this vlog regarding the false sense of achievement that is placed upon our young women. The Shaun could go on and on regarding the living walking hypocrisy that is Beyonce but we’ll save that for more appropriate time so calm down you Illuminati conspiracy junkies, this one ain’t about you!

While we need to ensure women of the world are empowered…we need to do it the right way and with the truth as its base. I am especially pleased to hear her say in this video that the goal should not be one sex dominating the other but one that both are on an equal plain.

Recently The Shaun was in a discussion on what could be done to ”save” today’s independent woman and in response The Shaun says this…

“Save” may be the wrong word here. I think there’s a need for both men and women to adapt more to how each have evolved over the last decade or so. Now don’t get me wrong there are also serious improvements needed in the overall perception men have of women and vice versa. However most of the current misconceptions we have with each other have more to do with each gender not supporting and strengthening each other than anything. Men and women may be in more of a need to “save” each other than anything else. Brothers, take a wayward brother under your wing and guide him in the right direction. Sister, step in when a sister seems to be losing herself destructive image mass media tries to enforce on her. Along those lines.

Now if we bring into play the mass social differences between a man sleeps with multiple women and is congratulated and when a women is criticized when she sleeps around… The Shaun says this..

Ultimately, sleeping with multiple people I agree does come down to some form of insecurity and need to replace something thats missing from your spirit. Where the difference in society’s perception of being with multiple people is simply the fact that men had complete control over the rules of society up until recently. Hence why men have multiples wives and get locker room pats on the back for adding knotches to their belt.
Now women are becoming more of a equal plain than men so these rules are being questioned and rightfully so. It’s hard for men in general to admit that the entire history of male/female relationships up to this point has been bias at best and a disgrace at worst. The fact is men sleeping with multiple women as a sense of empowerment that they are not getting either from themselves or who they are with. From my point of view, women at times sleep with multiple men to gain a small bit of “love” they do not have for themselves and feel that sleeping with these brothers is the only way a brother will value them. While Im open to be worng about either or both cases…these is what I see and it falls on both genders to fix it
We all know of men and women who openly sleep around but dont say shit for whatever reason. Men sleep around because there are women out there who are willing to sleep with a man even though they know that either that man is attached or has not interest in them besides what’s between their legs. Sisters are quick to talk about these “friendly” women behind their back but don’t have time or love for their fellow sister to pull them aside to tell them they are better than that. Brothers need to do the same to these brothers who think fucking every girl they see makes them a better man.

Progress will not take place as it relates to bridging the ever-growing gap in the relationship between man and woman until true honest conversations takes place across not only gender but global cultural lines. Each person has to be willing to open their minds and make changes within themselves before we are going to get anywhere. Amber, The Shaun tips his hat to you for throwing bringing such a excellent topic of discussion back on the table.