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As many know, The Shaun is on a neverending mission of hostile world domination. Once this Shaun World Order is established and the coup has taken places, The Shaun is surely to have to make some changes around this place. One of the first changes will be the ELIMINATION OF ALL HOLIDAYS!

The Shaun is not just talking solely about religious holidays but the BS holidays such as Valentine’s Day, 4th of July and (DARE THE SHAUN SAY) Black History Month. Now don’t confuse The Shaun, this is not a “bah humbug” thing at all, quite the opposite. The Shaun is calling for a year long celebration of all things.

The problem The Shaun has with holiday is that, for the most part, the nature of the holidays are only truly appreciated during the period of that particular holiday. Romance is only at its peak around Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day and anniversaries. Martin Luther King is only truly discussed arounf the middle of January. The time of caring and sharing is only popularly associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas. The celebration of starting anew and discovering new opportunities in life is immediately thought during New Year’s Eve yet often no other major time. The celebration of one’s life is often associated with their birthday.


Why must we only discuss the advancement of blacks in America during February?

Why must we only celebrate our independence and freedoms once a year?

Why must we wait in we see all the pink ribbons in October to learn about Breast Cancer Awareness?

Why must only December 1st be the day we think about the effects of the AIDS/HIV?

Why must my daughter’s wait till March to learn of the great things women have done in history?

Now The Shaun knows there are some of you rolling your eyes with the thought that this information is available year round at libraries and we can choose to celebrate anything at any time. Yet The Shaun challenges you to think say that you actually truly appreciate and desire to learn more about these great achievements and issues anytime but during their “month” or their “week”.

Holidays also cause unnecessary headaches like bank closures, altered public transportation schedules, missed mail delivery and BORING ASS TV PROGRAMS! Sorry had to get that last one out.

The Shaun is not naive to think that most of the idea beyond these “holidays” and “celebrations” are nothing more that a reason to get us to spend more money. As much as The Shaun would to lead a “STOP THE CAPITALIST PIGS” rant and march….we’ll save that for another time.

So if ever the day comes that The Shaun hostile world takeover is complete, be prepared to toss your Valentine’s cards, Halloween costumes and Christmas decoration cause you’ll no longer have a need for them. Feel free to change your yearly family dinner to August and convert your turkey dinner to a BBQ! Instead of waiting till your anniversary or VDay to surprise the love of your, why not do it next Friday? (Make sure you get a sitter). History of Blacks, Latinos, Jews, Women and all cultures will be taught and celebrated year round so read up! Banks, mail, businesses and office buildings will also be open and run during their normal hours! AND CALL YOUR PARENTS EVERY SUNDAY DARNIT!!

So….PREPARE YOURSELVES…change is coming!

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