Bold Protest In Davos at The World Economic Forum

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Three topless Ukrainian protesters were detained on Saturday while trying to break into an invitation-only gathering of international CEOs and political leaders to call attention to the needs of the world’s poor. After a complicated journey to reach the heavily guarded Swiss resort town of Davos, the women arrived at the entrance to the congress centre where the World Economic Forum takes place every year. With temperatures around freezing in the snow-filled town, they took off their tops and climbed a fence before being detained. Davos police spokesman Thomas Hobi said the three women were taken to the police station and their papers were checked. The activists are from the group Femen, which has become popular in Ukraine for staging small, half-naked protests to highlight a range of issues including oppression of political opposition. They have also conducted protests in some other countries.

Femen regularly stages such protests over women’s rights and covers a range of issues from campaigning against sex tourism in Ukraine to the treatment of women in parts of the Middle East.



Do not be fooled!!! Economic oppression is just an issue here in the United States. It is a global concern that will take the loud voices and protests in numbers never before seen to put in place change! Change will not come by words alone…IT WILL TAKE ACTION!! Not action by a few brave souls but by nations of world citizens who refuse to allow the current economic divide to continue! Making signs and creaming at the top of your lungs on street corners does not bring change. These are but minor annoyances to those that pull the strings across the globe!  Drastic actions need to be taken! The 1% has the money & the influence of governments and media but the 99% has the numbers and the passion which holds great power! The question is WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THAT POWER!?


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